Light signaling equipment poles (OSFG)

For installation flash equipment and information traffic signs on the streets and main roads.


For installation of flash equipment and information traffic signs in the streets and main roads. Poles have both standard execution, rated for regular operating conditions, and individual execution, with account of special climatic conditions and order requirements.

The pole structured shall be designed individually for each facility


Poles for flash equipment are made on the basis of faceted conic lighting poles. They are manufactured of sheet steel by the bending method with one longitudinal weld seam, protected from corrosion by the hot galvanizing method (ISO 1461). This type of coating is not decorative and is of extremely functional nature. The guarantee for corrosion resistance makes at least 25 years.


  • Long service life.
  • High anticorrosion resistance of coating.
  • Easy installation.
  • Convenience in maintenance.
  • Esthetic appearance.
  • Operation safety.


The type and the size of the foundation shall be determined, depending on the selected structural design poles. Metal foundation FM


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