Octagonal block pole for underground feed system (OGKKZ)


Lighting of residential neighborhoods, pedestrian areas, alleys, boulevards, parking areas. Not intended for air power feeding.



Poles are manufactured of sheet or rolled tube products. Poles are protected from corrosion by the hot galvanizing method.

The guarantee for corrosion resistance is at least 25 years.

The detailed information on the algorithm of selection of embedded parts of the foundation for the poles and parameters of embedded parts (ZDF) shall be provided upon request.

Coating: hot galvanizing


  • Small weight
  • Esthetic appearance
  • High anticorrosion resistance of coating
  • Long service life
  • Convenience in installation and maintenance
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    Technical Information

    Nomenclature Height, m
    Weight, kilo Top diameter, mm
    Bottom diameter, mm
    Support flange size, mm
    Center-to-center distance of holes, mm
    OGKKZ-7,5 7,5 64,5 64 136 300 200