Octagonal heavy duty poles of the overhead contact network (OGSKS)

For construction of the city electrical transport overhead contact system, as well as for functional lighting of motor roads and junctions.  

Poles are manufactured of steel sheets by bending with one longitudinal weld, they are protected from corrosion by hot galvanizing (ISO 1461). This type of coating is not decorative, but only functional.

Corrosion resistance warranty is at least 25 years. It is possible to combine overhead contact system with above-ground power supply.  Equipment for suspension of the overhead contact system is not included in the scope of supply.  It is possible to manufacture OGSKS reinforced poles without a flanged under a special order.

All the fasteners are galvanized. Coating: hot galvanizing. 


Under a special order it is possible to manufacture any standard sizes to be used in wind region I-VII. For each project support design is individually calculated. Complete nomenclature of serial products and complete technical data are provided in the Technical Catalog.


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    Technical information

    Nomenclature Height, m
    Weight, kilo Top diameter, mm
    Bottom diameter, mm
    Support flange size, mm
    Center-to-center distance of holes, mm
    OGSKS 0.7-10 482 10 320 392 d600 500
    OGSKS 1.0-10 659 10 320 392 d600 500
    OGSKS 1.5-10 636 10 320 466 d650 550
    OGSKS 1.8-10 746 10 320 466 d650 550
    OGSKS 2.0-10 755 10 365 550 d750 650
    OGSKS 2.3-10 871 10 365 550 d750 650