About us

We are glad to welcome you on the site of AMIRA Group of Companies!

Here you will find all the necessary information about the equipment manufactured at our production facilities.  We manufacture lighting towers and masts, lighting fixtures and outdoor flood lights for outdoor lighting, exclusive lighting complexes, autonomous lighting units which operate using the energy of sun and wind.  

amira-ceo-saramudEquipment manufactured by AMIRA accompanies you everywhere:  when you drive on a lit high-speed highway, or arrive at any airport, or come to a sports arena to cheer for you favorite team, or leave your car on a parking lot near a shopping center, or walk along central historical streets and embankments of St. Petersburg or other Russian cities equipment with AMIRA logo provides comfort and safety to you.  We are proud that we are able to provide high-quality and reliable equipment for the field of outdoor lighting which contributes to the improvement of human life quality.      

During more than 20 years already AMIRA has been one of the leaders in the field of outdoor lighting.  Everything innovative which exists nowadays in the field of lighting equipment, i.e.  LED lights, lighting towers and masts most practical and economic for maintenance, autonomous street lights using the energy of sun and wind, all the above is being used in our new developments and presented on our site and in our catalog.   Possessing a vast experience, AMIRA implements large-scale projects in the field of outdoor lighting construction for motor roads, sea harbors and airports, sports facilities, industrial enterprises in oil, gas and energy sectors.  We aspire to comply with growing requirements of our partners.   At our production facilities in additional to serial manufacturing we work at improvement of the existing models customizing them to comply with the individual customer’s requirements. We also develop and manufacture exclusive lighting complexes and special metal structures.   We are not afraid to experiment and adopt new ideas.  If you need a consultation to select proper equipment don’t hesitate to contact specialists of our company.  We will help you to make the optimum choice to achieve your goals.  

The whole industry of light works for you!