Our History

since 1991


AMIRA get an award in the category «Innovative solutions for the urban environment» Russian Business Guide. People of the Year.

AMIRA receives the award os the government os St. Petersburg – the honorary badge “For the quality of goods (products), works and services”


Finished the 2nd stage of factory Megapolis. New factory flow of finishing, painting, packing of metal structures was opend

AMIRA is included in the register of reliable partners of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and joined the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.


AMIRA designed and installed the highest flagpole in Europe. 100-meters flagpole by AMIRA is in Finland.

AMIRA became the official distributor of GigaTera. The  agreement between AMIRA© Group and GigaTera Inc was concluded. The cooperation between Russian and Korean companies began in 2015. Many projects were jointly implemented, including those in the Arctic circle (Russia). The lighting fixtures have proven themselves from the best side.


Starting the 2nd stage of plant Megapolis – new factory flow of finishing, painting, packing of metal structures.

High mast lighting divers were designed and installed in Siberia, Russia. The height if new masts is 83 and 90 meters.


JSC AMIRA became a member of Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI)


AMIRA celebrates its 25 anniversary

“25 years is a significant date when you can already analyze some results and confidently predict the next development steps. On the one hand, for its 25 years, AMIRA is still a young, energetic company. On the other hand, over the years, AMIRA has gained tremendous experience, endurance and ability to quickly respond to a changing situation. However, the main result of past years, the main thing is our wealth and pride – our people, a team of high-class specialists, ”said Majdi Tamimi, President of the AMIRA Group , on the anniversary of the company. 

The Grand opening of “Megapolis” metal construction plant. “Megapolis” is a hi-tech manufacturing plant aimed at manufacturing of production of long metal structures, including a closed tubular profile. We are proud to say that “Megapolis” is Russia’s largest producer of octagonal  and round tapered poles, lighting masts, and power transmission towers.
The Unique Selling Point of the new enterprise is USP is that it offers its customers both in Russia and within the Eurasian Customs Union a complete solution for designing, manufacturing and reliable delivery of high-quality metal produce. The plant has also enabled AMIRA StalKonstrucsia to expand the range and volume of products offered to the market.  


AMIRA has passed voluntary certification of GAZPROM

The launch of Amira Electromontaj – a subsidiary specializing in the construction of metal structures and tubular supports of various types.
Distribution network.
Along with the development of our production plants, we have also been developing our regional branch network in Moscow, Rostov, Lipetsk, Sochi, and Stavropol. In an effort to increase our presence in the market, we have also partnered with several regional dealers such as FOST in Chelyabinsk and LumiRa in Orenburg. Today AMIRA Group of Companies is a multifunctional production and commercial holding, which houses a full production cycle and offers its customers a turnkey solution – from design and production to delivery and installation.


Implemented of of a quality management system (ISO)

Launch of Amira Svetotechnicka – a lighting equipment manufacturing plant         

The year of 2000 was a major milestone for AMIRA, as it marked the launch of AMIRA-StalKonstruktsiya  -our in-house plant. The plant has been producing lighting supports, including high-mast supports, cellular communication masts and metal structures for a wide range of purposes.

The launch of “Petrosvet”, a new subsidiary which specialized in executing construction work for the installation of outdoor lighting.

The launch of our in-house Design Bureau to conduct lightning and construction calculations, as well as architectural lighting projects.      

AMIRA was founded on the 30th of September 1991 when the Committee of External Links has approved the company registration. The registration certificate was personally signed by the then Committee Сhair, Vladimir Putin.
In its early days the company focused on the integration of modern solutions developed by world’s leading manufacturers and the supply of the most modern equipment. We have launched the trend of replacing the old concrete pillars with the brand new ones made of galvanized steel and we were the first in Russia to offer mast lighting with mobile crowns for the illumination of large open spaces.