Street flagpoles are used to display emblems, standards and flags, and draw attention to the status of various objects or events and activities. Metal flagpoles are installed in stadiums and sports arenas, near administration buildings and commercial companies. Flagpoles are placed in city squares, airports and other facilities.

The AMIRA company sells metal flagpoles of its own production. You can buy street flagpoles of the following types from us:

  • Height from 6 to 20 m. Serve for placing flags and standards. They draw public attention to events or to commercial, industrial and administrative sites.
  • Height from 20 to 100 m. Such designs for flags and standards are intended to remind of significant historical dates for the country. Flagpoles help to foster respectful attitude of citizens to the symbols of the state, and attract an additional flow of tourists.
  • Specialized. Over 100 m in height. Unique structures that attract everyone’s attention to countries, administrative facilities, events, companies.
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Flagpoles for flags are made of sturdy sheet steel and are made in the form of a polyhedral or round conical support. Barrels up to 12 m high consist of one section, and models from 15 m – of two or more. The sections are joined using a telescopic interference fit or flanged. The rope for lowering and raising flags is located inside the trunk and is protected from external influences.

We offer to buy metal street flagpoles in St. Petersburg and other regions at reasonable prices. They are characterized by:

  • long service life and preservation of a presentable look;
  • the presence of an anti-vandal mechanism for raising and lowering the flag, hidden inside the pole;
  • modern design, ease of installation and maintenance;
    anti-corrosion coating that retains functionality for 25 years.

When purchasing, you can choose the color of the flagpoles according to the RAL table and order a complete set of automatic equipment for lifting control. The designs of flagpoles (especially high-mast ones) are calculated individually depending on the region of installation, soil characteristics, climatic conditions, wind loads, and more.