About the Company

Welcome to Amira Website!

      Here you can find the full information about the products and equipment manufactured by us. Our product range includes supports and masts of illumination, fixtures, and spotlights for external illumination, exclusive lighting complexes, autonomous lighting installations powered by solar and wind energy.
      Certainly that, you have often come across our products in your daily life. Whether you are driving on a well-lit highway, are arriving at an airport, parking your car outside a shopping outlet, or walking around the city center -you can rest assured that the masts and spotlights bearing our logo will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.
     We are proud that we can provide the industry with reliable high-quality equipment which enhances the daily lives of millions of people. We are also proud to have been the industry leaders for 30 years and offer turnkey solutions to our clients. We place a particular effort to ensure that every single item in our product range is developed using the latest technology enabling to ease the maintenance, energy usage and play our role in helping the world to be more sustainable.
      Our industry experience helps us to execute major projects in the fields of highway and street illumination, air and sea ports, sports venues, and enterprises of oil and gas and energy complexes.
      We constantly work on product improvements as to ensure that we keep satisfying the needs of our partners. In addition to the production of new equipment, our plants are also capable of conducting modifications work and tailor make existing models to the precise requirements of our clients. We are never put off from experimenting and developing new ideas and concepts.
      Please feel free to contact us for a detailed consultation on our product range and we will help you to make an optimal choice which will fit your needs…because the whole industry of light works for U!


Yuliya Dembskaya