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    In the AMIRA group of companies, high-mast flagpoles are distinguished into a separate category. They serve as a reminder of significant historical events and help in educating citizens in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the state symbols of the country and small homeland. In addition, high-mast street flagpoles can also work to attract additional tourist flow.

    Our high-mast street flagpole is a steel multifaceted conical pole with a built-in electric drive for permanent display of the flag. The barrel of the flagpole consists of several sections, the number of which is determined by the total height of the flagpole. The sections are joined together using a telescopic interference fit. Depending on the design of the wellbore, the sections may also have flange connections. The geometric dimensions of the trunk of the flagpole depend on wind loads, the size of the flag canvas and the material from which the flag is made.

    • Manufacturing according to individual parameters and painting in any color according to the RAL table
    • Anti-vandal convenient mechanism for lowering and raising the flag using an electric drive
    • Modern design and aesthetic appearance
    • Long service life
    • Possibility to purchase a flagpole with a durable flag of any size and vertical lighting
    • Possibility of mounting from the manufacturer2

    Manufactured and installed high-mast company flagpoles:

    • 100-meter high in Hamina – the tallest flagpole in Finland (video)


    Each flagpole design is unique and is developed individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the relief of the installation site, wind loads, flag size and other parameters. according to the technical assignment of the Customer, the specialists of the AMIRA Group of Companies will develop the necessary design of the flagpole.

    The complete set of the flagpole includes:

    • Flagpole barrel
    • Lowering-lifting mechanism
    • Obstruction lights (up to 20,000 cd), in accordance with regulations and an uninterruptible power supply system
    • Anemometer and emergency flag descent system
    • “Shaft” of the flag cloth
    • “Head” of the flagpole barrel
    • Strong canvas flag for placement at significant heights (on request)
    • Flagpole lighting (on request)
    • Mounting kit (on request)

    Vertical illumination system. When solving the problem of highlighting a flagpole, there are moments that must be taken into account:

    1) the higher the flagpole, the higher the total power of the lighting equipment. a floodlight that performed well when illuminating a structure with a height of 20 m will most likely not be suitable for a 100 m height. He will not be able to illuminate the entire length of the flagpole, let alone the flag.

    2) the stability of the floodlight in the position of the optical part up. Not every powerful floodlight model is designed for long-term upward use. This can be hindered by the structural features of the case, which do not allow for efficient heat dissipation. In this case, the lenses may melt and other thermal damage.

    3) the location of light sources relative to the flagpole. A situation may arise when, due to the improvement of the surrounding area, the searchlights will have to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the flagpole, it is also possible to locate them at a distance from the object of illumination. It is necessary to select floodlights with the desired beam width or to combine their types.

    The AMIRA company has sufficient experience in the development and implementation of lighting for flagpoles and will help you choose equipment based on your wishes and initial conditions. We use only spotlights that have already proven themselves well on similar objects both from the point of view of obtaining the desired visual effect and from the point of view of operational reliability.

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