Round-conical street flagpoles (5 – 12 m)

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    The flagpole is designed to display flags, standards and emblems in order to draw attention to the status of an object, or to the status of an event or holiday.

    The flagpole produced by the AMIRA Group of Companies is a steel round-conical pole for permanent display of the flag.

    • Height from 5 to 12 meters
    • Convenient mechanism for lowering and raising the flag using a hand winch
    • Modern design and aesthetic appearance
    • Long service life

    The barrel of the flagpole consists of one section. The geometric dimensions of the trunk of the flagpole depend on wind loads, the size of the flag canvas and the material from which the flag is made.

    The height of the flagpole is set by the project based on architectural and construction solutions.


    ModelHeight, H, mTop diameter, d, mmBottom diameter, D, mmFlange diameter, A, mmHole center-to-center, B, mmMaximum size of the flag, m
    FL-55m102mm167mm320mm240mm1.67 x 1.11 m
    FL-66m89m167mm320mm240mm2.0 x 1.33 m
    FL-77m89mm180mm370mm280mm2.33 x 1.55 m
    FL-88m89mm193mm370mm280mm2.67 x 1.78 m
    FL-99m89mm206mm380mm295mm3.0 x 2.0 m
    FL-1010m102mm232mm470mm340mm3.3 x 2.22 m
    FL-1111m102mm245mm470mm340mm3.67 x 2.45 m
    FL-1212m102mm258mm470mm340mm4.0 x 2.67 m

    ! This table is for reference only. When placing an order, check with the commercial divisions of the AMIRA Group of Companies the possibility of manufacturing equipment taking into account the wind region  and climatic performance.

    !! The plant reserves the right to make design changes that do not affect the quality and technical characteristics of the product.