AMIRA Group of Companies participated in the upgrading of FC ZENIT sports base

Zenit base located in Udelny Park was built for the football club Zenit in 1968.  In 1994 Zenit became the owner of the base, and in 2002 it was significantly upgraded.  Nowadays  training sports base Zenit has two heated practice fields, rehabilitation center and a residential complex.   

AMIRA Group of Companies was involved in this project. The project for provision of stadium outdoor lighting was successfully completed. 4 high lighting towers VMON-20 and 24 flood lights Ray 2000 W were installed. The company Petrosvet executed installation works for power supply and electrical lighting.

Open practices regularly take place at the base in Udelny Park, which are accessible for the representatives of mass-media.  Zenit fans also have a chance to visit the base. With the permission of the head coach young fans of players wearing blue-white-light-blue uniform, who are the winners of club contests, are allowed to visit the training base of Zenit.