Conference “Making the World Brighter

On June 18-19 a conference “Making the World Brighter.
Festive Decoration of Cities and Contemporary Outdoor Lighting” was held.

A two-day conference “Making the World Brighter – Festive Decoration of Cities and Contemporary Outdoor Lighting” took place on June 18-19 in St. Petersburg. It started on Wednesday, June 18, and was devoted to the issues of contemporary outdoor lighting of cities, residential settlements, energy conservation technologies in this field, as well as to the latest trends in lighting design and festive decoration.

Amira Group of Companies and Association of Companies Omega were the organizers of this large-scale event. These companies have been known all over Russia for quite a while, and this time they decided to join their efforts in the field of promotion of city-friendly modern and safe technologies used for lighting and decoration.  Besides, SUE Lensvet was also among the organizers.  Specialists working in this sector from more than 30 Russian regions, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, as well as the representatives of the company OSRAM, Germany, took part in this conference.

Specialists of AMIRA Group of Companies managed to fulfill the main objective of the conference, i.e. to share the experience of implementation of several municipal programs in St. Petersburg.  Vladimir Kharkov, Technical Director, made presentations on the following topics:  “Comprehensive approach in the field of architectural highlighting” and “Standard solutions for lighting of pedestrian crossings”. Experience in implementation of outdoor object lighting in the historical center of St. Petersburg was shared.  In the speech a multi-year experience of the company, its developments and achievements was presented.  Importance and urgency of pedestrian crossings lighting subject in all the cities caused a genuine interest of the audience and a long discussion. Within the framework of energy conservation section one of presentation was devoted to the use of LED technologies. Despite the urgency of this direction all the conference participants came to a common opinion on the possibility of these technologies limited use, in particular in such applications as lighting of parks and inner blocks.  All the above topics were visually presented using relevant samples of products.

The latest samples of the company Amira were presented to the audience. They incorporate the most recent developments of the company OSRAM, in particular a lighting fixture ZhKU50N-150-001 6Y  with OSRAM electronic starting device, ZhKU50N-250-001 6Y with OSRAM electronic starting device, ZhKU50N-400-001 6Y with OSRAM electronic starting device.  OSRAM representatives made a presentation which attracted the greatest interest, in particular, in relation to new avenues of energy efficiency, development of the lamp.

NAT SUPER 6Y with improved luminous efficiency and increased life time.  All the key aspects of the conference devoted to this issue were demonstrated to the participants on the test stand of AST LLC.

Conference participants received information materials. Interest of the representatives of municipal entities manifested itself in orders of lighting fixtures samples completed with drivers.  

On June 19 participants of the conference Making the World Brighter familiarized themselves with the new plant of AMIRA Group of Companies for manufacturing of lighting poles and metal structures, which AMIRA managed to construct despite a complicated economic environment.

During the conference attendees had a unique opportunity to share their experience and information with the representatives of various enterprises, as well as to start a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.