High masts VMO and VMON are installed in Lipetsk Region

In September in the town of Griazi, Lipetsk Region, it is planned to open a new Cultural Center. Construction started in summer of 2015 in the park named after Y.A. Gagarin.

The Cultural Center, which Griazi residents had been waiting for many years, was built thanks to the People’s Program.  A multi-purpose spectators’ hall with 40 seats, as well as space for musical, choreographic and art studios will be accommodated there.

Aamira-group-lipetsk-region-cultar-center-lightingMIRA Group of Companies took part in furnishing lighting equipment for the square in front of the Cultural Center. Manufacturing facilities of AMIRA Group of Companies fabricated and supplied 5 high masts VMO-20 and 2 masts VMON-16 complete with 30 flood lights ZhО 08N-400-001 and ZhО 08N-400-002.   

Equipment was complete with installation kits.

AMIRA-Svet Lipetsk was in charge of the project.