Lighting equipment by JSC AMIRA on the 29th Winter Universiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk

Few days ago the first Russian Winter Universiade has come to Krasnoyarsk (Siberia). From 2nd to 12th March thousands of athletes  from dozens of countries will showcase their prowess, power, speed, stamina and, of course, their will to win, strong character and respect for their opponents.

We hope that athletes and guests  of the 29th Winter Universiade will be impressed by competition and Siberia, will have fun and remember these days.

And while young athletes tunes in to the start we want to remember how we prepared the lighting of the Universiade objects.

Ice Arena “Platinum”

The Bowl is stand on the square in front of the Arena. The lighting of the square is provided by octagonal and decorative poles and masts with led lamps which was produce by AMIRA company.

All-season sports and recreation Park Fanpark “Bobrovy log” and Multifunctional sports complex “Sopka”

Lighting masts with mobile crown by JSC AMIRA allows professional athletes and hobby sportsmen carry out the most dizzying descents from the mountain at dusk. We hope that fans of the Universiade will joy of illumination of fan-zone.

The rout to the airport “Emelyanovo”

The style octagonal conic bent poles by AMIRA decorates the access ensemble to the main airport of the 29th Winter Universiade. Recall that last month this airport get the nomination “The best investment project of the year” by Skyway Service Award & Air Gates of Russia Award Ceremony.