New energy efficient lighting fixture ZhKU 50 N 6Y

The Company Amira together with the company OSRAM offers a new energy efficient lighting fixture ZhKU 50 N 6Y. ZhKU50N-150-001 6Y OSRAM,  ZhKU50N-250-001 6Y OSRAM, ZhKU50N-400-001 6Y OSRAM.

The use of the new lighting fixture with energy efficient lamp OSRAM 6Y complete with OSRAM electronic starting device ensures reduction of street lighting operating costs. Taking into account high efficiency of the reflector of the lighting fixture, series ZhKU50N AMIRA and OSRAM specialists managed to obtain an absolutely new energy efficient product, which complies with all the requirements of energy efficiency; lifetime is 48,000 hours, i.e. similar to LED light, luminous efficiency more than 130 lm/W instead of 90-100 lm/W of LED lights.

Energy conservation is obtained due to the substitution of conventional lighting fixtures with sodium gas-discharge lamps with the lighting fixture ZhKU 50N 6Y with a state-of-the art light source, increased life time and improved optics.  In certain cases is allows substituting 400 W and 250 W lighting fixtures with new 250 W and 150 W lighting fixtures correspondingly.  In new capital construction of street lighting systems it is also possible to reduce cost due to the reduction of the number of poles in the project.