New lighting complexes “AMIRA” on Arbat lanes in Moscow

On the day of the city of Moscow, Muscovites received a gift – 18 renovated Arbat lanes. In addition to the expansion of sidewalks, the replacement of asphalt, the organization of new parking spaces and planted trees, lighting was also updated in the alleys. Continuing the implementation of the “clear sky” program, the pendant lamps were replaced with single cast-iron lighting complexes.

Specialists of the AMIRA group of companies, together with partners, have created 7-meter light complexes with cast-iron elements. To reduce the ingress of light into the windows, LED lamps are equipped with a special “curtain” that cuts off part of the rays.

Almost 400 light complexes decorated Bolshoy and Mogiltsevsky, Krivoarbatsky, Bolshoy and Maly Vlasyevsky, Plotnikov, Starokonyushenny, Sivtsev, Money, Bolshoy Afanasyevsky, Nashchokinsky, Prechistensky, Bolshoy Levshinsky, Chisty, Glazovsky, Gagrin, Khrushchevsky and Tchertopolsky lanes.

We hope that Muscovites and guests of the capital will appreciate our work!