One-way lighting mast with mobile crown of “Sail” system by AMIRA

AMIRA Group of Companies presents a one-way lighting mast with mobile crown system “Sail”. Placing spotlights on one side of the crown allows to illuminate only the desired areas and does not load the usual round crown with additional weights for balance. The carriage with floodlights moves safely along the guide rail.

The proposed design has been developed to address one-sided lighting issues:

  • railways: railroad tracks, shunting slides
  • airports: aircraft parking
  • ports: loading and unloading terminals
  • sports facilities: stadiums and sports grounds

The design group of the AMIRA company has developed two types of masts:

  • Height from 20 to 30 m. With a maximum number of floodlights – 12 pcs., Carrying capacity up to 450 kg. Applicable for airports, ports and railways – VMO Sail System Mast >>
  • Height from 20 to 40 m. With a maximum number of projectors – 24 pcs., Lifting capacity up to 1500 kg. Used for sports facilities and ports – Sports one-way lighting mast “Sail” >>

The mast is equipped with guide rails installed above the hatch to the very top for lowering and lifting the mobile frame. The rollers / wheels of the mobile unit are constantly engaged with the guide rail during operation. The guide rails are secured to the mast sections with special clamps secured with high strength bolts and set screws.

Alignment and aiming of searchlights can be done from the ground or from a tower, in accordance with the aiming pattern.