Pioneer camp ARTEK

Pioneer camp ARTEK was reconstructed.  The international youth center ARTEK is located 12 km from the town of Yalta in the urban-type settlement Gurzuf on the southern coast of Crimea. The camp occupies a large territory, including parks with relict trees, beaches, numerous museums, sports and tourist facilities and other educational institutions. 

The southern cost of Crimea is considered the best climatological resort, and in combination with natural factors and sea water all the above makes this place a unique location for enhancement of the whole human body.  Mild winter, dry but not very hot summer are very comfortable for kids’ stay during the whole year.  In summer sea water temperature reaches 23-24 degrees.  Swimming season lasts from June through October.

Rostov affiliate took part in equipping of the outdoor lighting of camp sports fields.
Faceted conic folding poles OGKS-12, ОGKS-6 and flood lights ZhO08N-400-001 were supplied.