Brackets for installation of console lighting fixtures

Specialists of our design bureau have developed a lot of various brackets to have an opportunity to offer clients various solutions for lighting of objects.

Based on a request three- and four-horn brackets can be manufactured.   Standard coupling size of the bracket for installation on a pole is 50 and 60 mm.  Coupling size can be changed depending on the pole type and height.

Standard coupling size of the bracket for installation of a lighting fixture is 4 mm.  Coupling size can be changed depending of the type of the lighting fixture to be installed.

Bracket coating:  hot galvanizing (GOST 9.307-89), paint-and-varnish.

The plant reserves a right to introduce changes in the design which do not affect the quality and technical characteristics of the product.

Types of brackets based on the type of equipment to be installed:

Brackets may have one or multiple horns and be of special “crown” type.  Based on a request brackets of required individual configuration can be manufactured.




Type of bracket fastening

Selection of bracket fastening option depends on the type of pole and bracket.

  • Fastening of the bracket on the top of the pole


Size is determined by bracket type, its overhang, pole type and wind region where it is installed.
Increase of bracket mass compared to assumed standard variant is provided, fig.  1а.

  • Bracket mounting on pole side or on a wall


Variants of bracket mounting and fastening on poles:

  • Bracket mass is determined as a sum of the base bracket mass