Complete transformer substations (KTP, KTPB)

AMIRA-Energo LLC offers compact transformer substations (KTP, KTPB) of the energy company Yauda (Riga, Latvia)

From 2010 AMIRA-Energo has been a dealer of JSC Energy Company YAUDA.

Advantages of KTPB units manufactured by YAUDA plant:  

  1. High strength of cast-in-place r.c. housing:

– Actually, the strength of concrete grade B-35 is 4-6 points higher than stated due to the continuous monitoring of concrete preparation, as well as due to the use of high-grade cement and only crushed granite as filler.  

– Concrete is to a high extent moisture- and oil-proof (according to tests:  5 mm and 2 mm deep during 30-day testing of samples).

– Housing rebars are of welded type and ensure reliable and absolute 100% grounding along the inner contour and a high strength of cast-in-place concrete. Technology and tools for pouring r.c. housings were developed by experienced specialists directly at YAUDA enterprise.  

Housing life time is up to 40 years, provided that there is no mechanical damage.

  1. Housing design is simple and standardized to the maximum extent for the whole model line of KTPB which consists of 9 substation types:

– Tight housing bottom is 120 mm thick, and also serves as oil collector in transformer compartments in case of “transformer explosion”.

* During 14-year experience with YAUDA substations there was not a single event of oil leak caused by transformer explosion, because a system monitoring oil overheating is installed at the substations.  

– There is no so-called basement compartment at KTPB, and the substation itself is significantly lighter, it has smaller overall dimensions compared with substations similar in functions and power rating, which are available from other manufacturers in RF.   

* Overall housing dimensions are calculated with the objective to minimize consumption of materials for its construction, but also taking into account a possibility to place inside the HV compartment circuit breakers of all the leading manufacturers (АВВ, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Areva) and in LV compartment – 2 frames with fuses of EFEN type with 10 outgoing feeders each.  

– All the metal components of the substation are manufactured only of galvanized steel, parts and fragments of outdoor installation are additionally coated with powder enamel 80-100 microns thick.  Ventilation doors of transformer compartments have a design preventing access of small animals, leaves and atmospheric precipitation inside.   

– Two-transformer substation of 6623 model has a roof made of strong r.c. and consists of three parts, which are easily installed and removed, easily and reliably encapsulated; there is no need to disconnect the whole substation in order to replace or install one transformer.   

– Overall dimensions and positioning of compartments fully ensures required temperature conditions for the operation of transformers within the range of ambient temperatures from -25 С to +40 С. In order to ensure faultless operation of HV circuit breakers under lower temperatures up to -60C it is proposed to install additional automatic heating system up to 0.6-0.8 kW.  

  1.      Two-transformer KTPB units (power rating up to 1000 KVA each) can be delivered directly to the site by one trip of tractor truck with a trailer. It is placed in a prepared pit by one lifting operation of a heavy duty crane.

* Overall housing dimensions: L=6600 х W= 2400 х H=2640 mm; 

– Full mass does not exceed 24 t

In order to implement a safe and fast lifting, shifting and installation of KTPB-type substations on the site there is a set of standardized tools:  

anchor bolts, slings with lifting capacity up to 8 t each and standardized traverses.  Due to the above, if slinging rules and scheme are observed, any damage of the substation housing outer surface and roof is excluded.