Series 24 Led

Lighting of streets, park and pedestrian areas, yards, places where it is mandatory to reduce electricity consumption during the operation of the lighting fixture


  • Use of LED light sources allows to significantly conserve electricity.  
  • Lighting fixture is distinguished by its modern design  
  • Lighting fixture is simple and convenient in installation and maintenance  Modular design allows replacing individual module, when it is necessary, without dismantling the whole lighting fixture.  
  • Wide selection of modifications:  based on the body of series 24 it is possible to use the lighting fixture with the highest efficiency depending on the location and requirements to lighting intensity.  
  • Various methods of lighting fixture mounting allow creating exclusive lighting complexes.  


  • Lighting fixture body and cover are manufactured of silumin by pressure die casting and covered with powder enamel.
  • LED module is used as the light source.
  • Silicate thermal-resistant, shock-resistant glass
  • All the elements of lighting fixture fastening and mounting are manufactured of stainless steel
  • Lighting fixture is maintained without dismantling of the lighting fixture from the pole