Recreation Park named after 40th Anniversary of the Communist Youth League and Pioneers’ Park

Recreation Park named after  40th Anniversary of the Communist Youth League is located on the Chukhonka Peninsular. It was opened on June 25, 1960.  Constructed started in 1958 and was initiated by the local youth who later were taking care of its improvement.  On the inauguration day the local communist youth league committee decided to hold a festival for all the Kolpino youth. Immediately the park became a popular recreation place among the local residents.  Till now Kolpino residents visit this favorite place where various cultural and entertainment events are held. A boat rental station and a shooting range are also located in the park.

This year on the occasion of Children Protection Day a sports ground with various training machine, Swedish wall and ping-pong table was opened in this park.  Benches were placed along the perimeter of the sports ground, and thanks to AMIRA Group of Companies lighting equipment was installed:  КО-1-1-4,5 (poles), brackets К 103 and lighting fixtures SSU 22-80-001. Now the park named after the 40th Anniversary of the Communist Youth League  became even more lit and nice.

Pioneers’ Park located on the same Chukhonsky Peninsular looks not less remarkable. Recently kids and sports grounds were constructed there, and other areas for active recreation and playgrounds were arranged.  Besides, a special area was designated in the park where city residents can have a retreat from noise and enjoy the surrounding scenery.  All the engineering networks were restored, and dry trees subject to logging were removed. Besides, with the assistance of Amira Group of Companies, which installed required equipment (poles brackets К 103 and lighting fixtures SSU 22-80-001) outdoor lighting of the Pioneers’ Park was restored.  Thus, now Kolpino residents can walk in the park during the dark hours of the day not being afraid of their safety. To summarize just one thing to add: visit the Pioneers’ recreation park and enjoy wonderful and unforgettable time of rest.