AMIRA Group: installation and service from the manufacturer

AMIRA group of companies is a full-cycle industrial lighting holding. Three of AMIRA’s own factories allow the company to manufacture modern lighting systems, lightning protection complexes, multifunctional lighting poles, cellular communication and contact network poles, flagpoles and non-standard metal structures.

One of the factors of long-term operation of products at the facility is professional installation and maintenance. Since 2002, Amira-EnergoMontazh Construction and Installation Company (AMIRA Group of Companies) has been providing a full range of services for the design, installation, installation supervision and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems.

In the company “Amira-EnergoMontazh” you can order:

  • Development of an outdoor lighting project
  • Installation of turnkey lighting poles and masts
  • Project development and installation of architectural lighting
  • Laying power lines
  • Enterprise power supply design
  • Installation and supervised installation of electrical equipment
  • Service maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Electrolaboratory services:
    • Measurements by an electrical laboratory with the preparation of a technical report;
    • Testing of electrical installations with measurement of insulation resistance of wires and cables;
    • Phase-zero loop resistance measurements;
    • Ground loop resistance measurements;
    • Diagnostics of lightning protection;
    • Acceptance tests;
    • Measurements of actual illumination at the customer’s site

For a detailed consultation:

☎ +7 (812) 441-25-00