AMIRA Company took part in the 60th Moscow International Conference “Modern Airport”

On May 25-26, a professional conference “Modern Airport” was held in Moscow. The permanent organizer of the event, the Airport Association, GA, proposed such issues as: airport management, a modern approach to master planning, compliance with international standards of service quality, the formation and development of commercial and marketing policies of the airport, and many others. A lot of attention was paid to airport security systems, information technologies and the quality of services.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Rostransnadzor, managers and technical specialists of airports, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for airport infrastructure, design institutes and many others.

GC “AMIRA” has been engaged in lighting the territories of airports and airport complexes for almost 20 years, as well as installation and maintenance of lighting systems. Since 2005, AMIRA has been a member of the Airport Association (GA). Lighting poles and masts of the AMIRA brand are installed at airports throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to the Kuril Islands and in the CIS countries.

The head of the direction “Airports and airfields” of GC “AMIRA” Fedor Ivanov made a report “Modern systems of outdoor lighting of airports and airport complexes”. The main developments of the AMIRA company in outdoor lighting and lightning protection of airports and fuel filling complexes were presented. Much attention was paid to eco-friendly light in the report. LED floodlights (SUMA), thanks to the original design, minimize the blinding effect, and also give a large illuminated area at lower masts. Thus, it is possible to achieve normalized illumination by using lower masts.

Colleagues took advantage of the opportunity to communicate with the manufacturer and ask questions about the operation of lighting masts. As a manufacturer of lighting equipment, AMIRA pays great attention to the correct installation and operation of the installed supports and masts. Many difficulties encountered with high-mast lighting equipment are caused by errors in assembly, installation and non-compliance with installation instructions. Fortunately, as a rule, many issues can be solved without replacing the entire mast. Maintenance and repair work with lowering and lifting mechanisms of masts have become one of the main areas of work of the construction and installation link of the AMIRA group of companies. The conference participants learned about this and many other things from the report and personal communication at the end of the event.

We are glad that we can share our accumulated experience and get feedback from airports that have been operating our equipment for many years.