AMIRA in the video project “Solutions for Oil and Gas 2020”

The project appeared as a response to the postponement in 2020 of the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, the main event in the gas industry. There was a need for an alternative safe platform in the online space, where there would be an opportunity to present innovative developments to the industry.

The video project “Solutions for Oil and Gas 2020” is a series of 14 videos covering topics such as: automation and digitalization; drilling; geological exploration and geophysics; metallurgy; diagnostics, non-destructive testing; fire safety, ecology, PPE; transportation and storage of oil and gas; energy and electrical engineering, etc.

The “AMIRA” company was invited to present its developments in the issue “Energy and Electrical Engineering”. Lightning rods over 100 meters, lightning protection systems combined with lighting, energy-efficient Amira-GigaTera floodlights operating at -60 ° C, service and training: you will learn about this from the video >>.

Full version of the video