AMIRA presents a new line of LED lamps

The group of companies “AMIRA” presents a new series of lamps MEGAPOLIS, SEASON and TRADITION 

Luminaires of the Megapolis-S (50-205 W) and Megapolis-M (90-270 W) series are designed for lighting highways, Megapolis-K and Megapolis-SL – they are suitable not only for street lighting, but also for intra-quarter lighting. The light modern design of the lamps will perfectly fit into any urban design concept and will look appropriate both on busy highways and in the courtyards of residential complexes. Thanks to the knife connection, the luminaires can be operated safely even when there is line voltage.

Luminaires of the SEASON series  – 40-76 W and TRADITION – 34-68 W are designed to illuminate park areas, historical buildings. The transparent diffusion of the Season luminaire creates a comfortable illumination without glare, and the bottom of the Tradition luminaire not only provides additional illumination under the luminaire, but also allows cleaning inside.

The range of luminaires includes models of various powers and color temperatures, as well as models in the arctic version for operation at – 60 ° C (Magistral-M, Season). 

For detailed advice on the selection of equipment:
☎️ +7 (812) 441-25-00

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