AMIRA’s lighting poles on the northernmost bridge over the Yenisei in Siberia

The AMIRA Group of Companies has installed 94 curved faceted lighting poles of the OGKLI-11.5 series on the 7th Bridge over the Yenisei and access roads to it.

During the implementation of the national project “Safe High–quality Roads”, the northernmost bridge, the Vysokogorsky Bridge, was built across the Yenisei. It became the seventh crossing of the river. The length of the bridge is 1200 meters, and the width is 11.5 meters. The bridge will provide a stable transport connection between the village of Vysokogorsky and other territories of the Lower Angara region and the North Yenisei region in Siberia, which were previously reached by ferry or ice crossing.

In addition to the bridge, the project has put in order more than 10 km of access roads to it on both banks, a roundabout connecting the bridge with the Krasnoyarsk-Yeniseisk highway.

Curved lighting poles of the OGKLI series were chosen to illuminate access roads. Installed on both sides of the span and the road, they form arches that visually continue the trusses of the bridge. This solution is not only functional, because it meets the standards for illumination, but also aesthetically attractive.

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