Lightning protection AMIRA at the UPG-1 Astrakhan GKM

The Astrakhan gas condensate field is a gas field located in the southwestern part of the Caspian Depression (the Caspian NGP), 60 km northeast of Astrakhan. Work on lightning protection of the facility was carried out as part of the reconstruction of the strapping of the gas production well No. 83 USPG-1 of the Astrakhan GKM.

Specialists of AMIRA Group produced and supplied lightning protection complexes with a stationary crown of lighting (VGN-25 series) and a lighting mast of the VMON series.

High-quality lightning protection of such an object is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise and the safety of its employees. And additional lighting will make the territory of the GCM more comfortable for use in the dark.

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