Circular-conical hinged poles by AMIRA at the school stadium in Moscow

A new school with a sports bias and an IT training ground will soon be handed over in the north-west of Moscow. The 1,100-seat school is designed to meet modern requirements and provides for the zoning of the educational space in such a way that the primary classes are located separately from the primary and secondary schools. Additional education includes the work of an IT polygon with spaces not only for obtaining theoretical knowledge, but also for demonstrating models and robotics. The school also provides a film and photo studio, circles of applied arts, acting, working with natural materials, playing chess and checkers.

A lot of attention is paid to the sports and recrea

tion block of classes. Thus, the school houses two sports halls and one gymnasium, and on the territory there is a multifunctional sports core with a running track, a football field and a playground for game sports.

Lighting of the territory of sports facilities was entrusted to the AMIRA group of companies. A novelty in a series of hinged poles was chosen for the project – the circular-conical series of the OSKK. The folding mechanism does not involve the use of specialized equipment. It is enough to lower the upper part of the support and carry out the necessary manipulations with the lighting device from the ground. The supports do not distract attention at the same time, due to the harmonious design and small dimensions.

We hope that students, teachers and guests of the school will appreciate our work.