Lighting poles manufactured by AMIRA Group of Companies installed at Iturup airport

In 2014 a new airport Iturup was opened on the Iturup Island the Large Kuril String. In September the first stage of Iturup airport construction was completed. At this stage a large scope of work was completed: the access road to the airport and landside were prepared, all the main facilities of the airport infrastructure were constructed, i.e. artificial runway (2300 km long), taxi lane, tarmac, emergency and rescue station, administrative and passenger building combined with a air traffic control tower, waste water treatment facility, perimeter fence with a patrol road, power supply facilities, light and electronic flight supporting systems.

AMIRA Group of Companies was involved in the provision of the airport outdoor lighting.  9 high lighting towers with mobile headframe VMO-16 were delivered for lighting of tarmac, aircraft parking area and landside, 200 poles of OGK-3 for security lighting and 42 poles for lighting of the access road.