Lightning protection systems “AMIRA” at the GRS “Balakovo”

In the Saratov region, within the framework of the gasification program for 2021-2025, the reconstruction of the gas pipeline-branch and GRS Balakovo facility continues. According to its results, the capacity of the plant will increase to 272 thousand m3 per hour (now this figure is 160 thousand m3/ hour), which will provide consumers with natural gas.

20-meter lightning protection complexes of the VGM series produced by AMIRA Group of Companies were installed on the territory of the station. Combining a lightning rod with a mobile crown with spotlights allows not only to protect the territory from lightning, but also to illuminate. And the location of the spotlights on the mobile crown is convenient for carrying out maintenance from the ground, without the involvement of special equipment. In addition to the combined complexes, 30-meter free-standing lightning rods of the MOGK series are installed on the territory.

The company “AMIRA” has been producing and supplying lightning protection systems combined with lighting for gas industry facilities for more than 25 years. We are proud to be a part of important projects!