Dual Purpose Cellular Poles (ODN)

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    Dual Purpose Poles (ODN) are used to install cellular antennas and lighting. Antennas of several cellular operators can be located on one support. It can be made on the basis of a contact network support.

    Poles of the ODN series with a height of 16 to 50 meters.

    Cellular communication poles are designed for the installation of antennas, in particular, PPC antennas, panel antennas WSDMA, GSM.


    • Possibility to install poles within city limits
    • Ease of installation and maintenance
    • The ODN pole can carry the simultaneous load of catenary, lighting and cellular communication
    • Small dimensions of the foundation
    • Installation does not require additional fixing braces
    • Compact design and aesthetic appearance

    Device: Manufactured from sheet steel by bending with several longitudinal welds. The material is selected depending on the climatic area of ​​operation. For laying and fixing cables, a cable channel device is provided in the form of strips attached to the stairs on one side