LED Flood Lighting – MAHA Plus series

Product Description:

  • Unrivaled efficacy 150 lm/W
  • Asymmetric beam enabling cost efficient 1 for 1 replacement for HID flood light
  • Outstanding cooling technology and durability
  • Excellent light distribution and minimized glare
  • Smart lighting control using wireless or Receptacle

Application: sporting facilities, airplane hangars, airport aprons, parking lots, harbour / yard


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    Model Driver Type Power Luminous Efficacy Luminous Flux Color temperature CRI Operation temperature Weight
    MAH-150 Built-in 150W  145 lm/W 21.750 lm 5.000 / 3.000/4.000/5.700 K 80 Ra -55° ∼ 55°C 7,5 kg
    MAH-200 Built-in 200W 150 lm/W 30.000 lm 7,5 kg
    МАH-250 Built-in 250W 37.500 lm 10,0 kg
    МАH-400 Built-in 400W 60.000 lm 15,0 kg
    Remote 11,3 kg
    МАH-500 Built-in 500W 75.000 lm 15,0 kg
    Remote 11,3 kg
    МАH-600 Built-in 600W 90.000 lm 20,0 kg
    MAH-1K0 Built-in 1000W 140 lm/W 140.000 lm 28,2 kg
    Remote 15,2 kg

    Body: Cast Aluminium

    Cover: Temperatured Glass 4T (Clear)

    Mounting operation: Swivel Bracket / Pole Mount Bracket

    Light Distibution: Asymetric Wide

    ! The plant reserves the right to make design changes that do not affect the quality and technical characteristics of the product.