Series 01

For lighting of squares, open spaces, building facades, architectural-painterly lighting, roofed and open sports facilities.


  • Design compactness;
  • Powder enamel coating;
  • Operational durability.


  • Flood light body and frame are manufactured by silumin casting and interconnected by screws. In open position the frame is held by rings.
    High level of optical block protection IP 65 is provided by the use of organosilicone rubber;
  • Flood light reflector is manufactured of high-quality rolled aluminium stock produced by Alanod with mirrored or diffusion type of reflection;
  • In modifications 001 and 002 starting and control block is mounted on a removable panel installed inside the body, and in modifications 003 and 004 starting and control block is independently removable and supplied in a separate metal casing with IP 65 protection level;
  • Light distribution:
    Various types of lampshades are used in flood lights depending on the objective of light distribution:
    – symmetrical (GO (ZhO, PO) 01-….001 and 003)
    – asymmetrical (GO (ZhO) 01-…002 and 004)