Series 23

In order to light squares, territories of airports and sea ports, open spaces, architectural and painterly accent illumination, lighting of open and roofed sports facilities, traffic junctions, car parking areas.  



  • Modern design;
  • Possibility to install on high poles;   
  • Operational durability;
  • Optical block protection class allows preserving initial levels of lighting during a long period of lighting fixture operation.  


  • Flood light is equipped with starting and control block attached to it;
  • Body is manufactured of silumin by pressure die casting;  
  • Movable cover of the starting and control block ensures easy access to the electrical part of the flood light during its maintenance;   
  • Protective glass is tempered and thermal-resistant;
  • Protective glass is fastened to the body by locks made of stainless steel;
  • Flood light reflector is manufactured of high-quality rolled aluminium stock produced by Alanod with mirrored or diffusion type of reflection;
  • Additional fastening of lamp in the operation position is implemented by a spring clamp;
  • High level of optical block protection IP 65 is ensured by the use of organosilicone rubber;