Series 22 NLO

For lighting of the traffic way of main transport avenues, squares, park areas.


  • Individual modern design;  
  • Availability of high-quality aluminium reflector;  
  • Convenient maintenance during operation (design ensures easy access to start and control devices without a need to dismantle the lighting fixture).  


  • Lighting fixture body and cover are manufactured of aluminium alloy with further powder enamel coating;   
  • Reflector is manufactured of rolled aluminium stock by deep drawing with further electrochemical polishing and anodizing. Lampshade is a protective silicate thermal-resistance optical glass;   
  • Starting and control devices and socket are installed under the cover of the lighting fixture;
  • Panel is disconnected from the body using VAGO screws and clamps;
  • Socket holder (Sealsafe system) is equipped with sealing silicon gasket and felt filter to ensure optical block protection of IP 65.