Series 20 Avenue

For lighting of streets, traffic avenues, squares, park areas, yards, railway platforms and other facilities.


  • Combination of classic design and state-of-the-art technical concept;   
  • Availability of aluminium reflector;  
  • Convenient maintenance during operation.   


  • Lighting fixture body, which also serves as a reflector, is manufactured of rolled aluminium stock with further electrochemical polishing and anodizing;  
  • Protective glass is manufactured of light-stabilized transparent polycarbonate, hinged to the body and fixed by two spring clamps;   
  • Felt gasket serves as a dust filter in addition to its function of sealing the optical and hardware components;  
  • Underframe is the bearing element of the lighting fixture. It is manufactured of construction steel, protected from atmospheric impact by zinc and polymer coating;   
  • Starting and control block is mounted on the electrical installation panel, which makes lighting fixture maintenance more convenient.  Starting and control block can be easily removed from the lighting fixture and replaced without dismantling of the lighting fixture from its pole.