Series 65 SS

Lighting of subway tunnels, underground crossings, industrial facilities.
Lighting of tunnel entrance zones (model 002 – sloping reflector) and of the tunnel itself (model 01 – symmetrical)


  • Lighting fixture can be installed in places with increased negative environmental impact:   humidity, temperature differences, increased content of CO2 in the atmosphere.  
  • Lighting fixture body is manufactured of stainless steel and not exposed to corrosion
  • Lighting fixture is simple and convenient in installation and maintenance  
  • The design ensures an easy access to starting and control devices.  
  • High level of optical block protection ensures preset lighting characteristics during the whole period of operation.   
  • It is possible to use the electronic starting and control device and connection to the system of outdoor lighting control.
  • Design of brackets allows adjusting the required angle of lighting fixture inclination.  
  • Lighting fixture version for 400 W is possible in the enlarged body.  


  • Lighting fixture body and all its components are manufactured of stainless steel and not exposed to corrosion.
  • Lighting fixture is dust- and watertight
  • Protective glass is tempered and thermal-resistant
  • All fasteners are made of stainless steel
  • Lighting fixture is equipped with electromagnetic starting and control devices and electrical components manufactured by world leading producers (VS, Helvar), as well as with electromagnetic starting and control devices which allow regulating luminous flux, i.e. dimming.  
  • Elements of the lock and hinge are made of anticorrosion materials, including stainless steel
  • Stainless steel gland inlets are used for connection of feeding and control cables  
  • Prior to the final assembly the body of each lighting fixture is tested to check waterproofing of integrated elements