Strong flags for flagpoles from the AMIRA Company

The AMIRA company sells not only flagpoles of any height, but also strong flags of any size for flagpoles.

Over the years of realization of high-mast flagpoles up to 100 meters high and above, we have tried different types of flag fabrics. Experimentally, confirmed by field tests and tests in the wind tunnel of the Krylov State Scientific Center, we have chosen:

  • the most durable, withstanding extreme wind loads;
  • selected the optimal stitching to prevent fraying of the fabric;
  • picked up the scheme for attaching the flag to the flagpole and strengthening the loops
  • the pattern is applied to the fabric by sublimation printing.

On the flagpoles on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow (50-meter flagpole) and Blagoveshchensk (75-meter flagpole) you can see our flags.

Recommended flag sizes:

Flagpole height 6 m 8 m 10 m 12 m 14 m 16 m 20 m 40 m 50 m 75 m 90 m 105 m
Recommended dimensions of the flag (H x L) 1.3 х 2.0 m 1.8 х 2.7 m 2.2 х 3.3 m 2.7 х 4.0 m 3.1 х 4.7 m 3.6 х 5.3 m 4.4 х 6.7 m 8.9 х 13.3 m 11.1 х 16.7 m 16.7 х 25 m 20 х 30 m 23.3 х 35 m

You can order flags for flagpoles of any size in the commercial department of JSC “AMIRA”

(when ordering, do not forget to indicate the required dimensions of the flag, as well as at what height the installation is supposed to be)

☎️ +7 (812) 441-25-00