The circular-conical poles by AMIRA were installed on Slavyansky Boulevard in Moscow

The Slavyansky Bulvar transport interchange is the intersection point of metro lines, the first diameter and bus routes in Moscow. There are quite a lot of passengers here at any time, almost a train station.

Landscaping works were carried out around the TPU: sidewalks were expanded, stops, pedestrian crossings, landscaping were added, overhead power lines were removed underground, and lighting was also updated.

Lighting poles and pedestrian crossing posts of the AMIRA company’s series of circular lighting poles were installed on the landscaped territory. Power lighting poles of the OKKS series, circular-conical poles of the OKK series, as well as traffic light stands of the OKSG series. Everything is designed in a single style and painted in an unattractive gray color.

Round-section poles are made of sheet steel by bending, followed by galvanizing and painting.

We are glad that we have become a part of the project.