The Poles for contact network by AMIRA for the high-speed tram line

Two new high-speed tram lines opened in St. Petersburg yesterday. Recall that this is the first private concession in Russia. Thanks to the public-private partnership project, it was possible to launch a light rail (project by the Swiss company Stadler Rail AG). The first trams entered the route via the reconstructed network in March last year.

Tram tracks in the section from Khasanskaya Street to Ladoga Railway Station were reconstructed. In particular, the AMIRA Group of Companies supplied new poles for the contact network. More than 800 octagonal steel conical poles of the contact network were made by bending on powerful presses of the Megapolis plant (AMIRA Group of Companies). The poles were stylized under the mast of the ship. Such a constructive solution allows you to fit them into a single concept of city design and use one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.

Such poles can also be realized in a round conical shape. Megapolis Ltd (AMIRA Group of Companies) is one of the few in Russia capable of producing round-conical poles of different heights and under the most powerful loads. This design, not only necessary for the contact network, completely eliminates the use of already used pipe and is able to fit into any style of urban design.