New product by AMIRA – circular conical traffic signal poles

AMIRA JSC produces new signal traffic pole for the Russian National Project “Safe and high-quality roads”. The city administration of Ivanovo asked us to design and produced circular pole combined with LED lamps. The AMIRA’s construction bureau designed such poles. And the plant Megapolis Ltd (Group of Companies AMIRA) produced it.

The idea of the construction is very simple. The circular conical signal traffic pole have two additional brackets for LED lamps luminous in different directions. The first lamp illuminates the pedestrian crossing itself. The second – illuminates the way to the crosswalk. So, the driver can notice the pedestrian long before he begins to cross the road. Also the pole can be completed by the illuminated pedestrian crossing sign. Holes are provided in the pole for outputting an additional cable.

Till the end of this year AMIRA will install more than 80 such traffic signal poles in Ivanovo.