Working visit of St. Petersburg administration to Megapolis plant

Working visit of St. Petersburg administration to Megapolis plant related to import substitution took place On March 17 the Chairman of the Committee for Energy and Engineering support A.S. Bondarchuk together with General Director of SUE Lensvet S.V.

Mitelev visited the production facility of AMIRA Group of Companies.

The purpose of the working visit was familiarization with manufactured products and perspective developments, as well as a search for mechanisms of interaction between a government customer and the enterprise in the fulfillment of a government contract.  

Megapolis plant was selected as a site for this meeting. The plant is integrated in AMIRA Group of Companies.  Plant capacities are intended for manufacturing long metal structures. As of today construction of the 1st stage of the plant is completed and procedures of its commissioning approval are in progress.  Ceremonial inauguration of the plant is planned for May 2015.

Products of AMIRA Group of Companies are widely used in construction and upgrading of outdoor lighting of roads, residential blocks, gardens, parks and other territories in St. Petersburg together with the products of other domestic manufacturers.

The share of the products of  AMIRA Group of Companies at the projects of the Committee for Energy and Engineering support exceeds 70%.

As it was noted by Andrei Bondarchuk, “practice of using the supports from the above manufacturer is overall positive. However, in the environment when certain residents do not care about the elements of city infrastructure it is necessary to pay more attention to manufacturing certain types of poles in vandal-proof version. It is more related to folding poles installed in places where it is not possible to use heavy machinery for maintenance of outdoor lighting installations (parks, mini-parks, lighting within residential blocks)    But it should be noted that this manufacturer promptly responds to revealed poorly protected elements of poles and introduces improvements in the design of poles.

Within the framework of this visit there was a review of the process line for manufacturing faceted conical and large conical lighting poles and towers, as well as finished items of outdoor lighting.

Based on the results of this meeting a decision was made regarding Amira’s participation in the implementation children’s playgrounds lighting program. Besides, the company will consider an opportunity to prepare proposals related to technical concepts of tram stations lighting.   

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