OGK poles and VMO towers manufactured by AMIRA Group of Companies installed on highway M4 Don near Voronezh

Toll plaza was constructed on the section from 492 to 517 km on the highway M4 Don to detour Voronezh.  The toll plaza itself is located at km 515 of the highway. Here 20 toll payment terminals are installed. Construction of the second toll plaza is not planned, thus drivers will pay at the entry to or exit from the section.

AMIRA Group of Companies was involved in manufacturing and delivery of equipment for toll plaza outdoor lighting.  High lighting towers VMO-20, VMO-30, lighting poles OGK-10, OGK-16, lighting fixtures SKU61-10, flood lights ZhO23-1000-001 and ZhO08N-250-002 are installed at the toll plaza.