AMIRA Group of Companies provides lighting for biathlon complex Raubichi in Belarus

According to the decision of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) junior world biathlon championship will be held on February 15-22, 2015 on the base of the Republican Center of Olympic Training in Winter Sports Disciplines Raubichi.

Raubichi is located approximately 20 km from Minsk and the National Airport Minsk-2 in the immediate vicinity of Minsk-Vitebsk highway. The sports complex inherited its name from the settlement Raubichi located nearby. The territory where the complex is located is often called Belarussian Switzerland. The reason for it is that the terrain and landscape here are located on the peak of a highland summit. This area is to a great extent unique and unimitable for Belarus, which does bring association with Switzerland.

Olympic sports complex Raubichi starts its history in 1972.

In 2014 a tremendous upgrading was implemented: the complex changed completely and today has absolutely different appearance.  New widened lit ski-tracks, new stadium, new target stands, new buildings and hotels appeared. It is a large modern world-level complex.

In 2014 the Company AMIRA participated in the project of ski-tracks outdoor lighting. Under the contract with Belarussian partners the engineering department developed faceted conical supports for this project. More than two hundred poles of ОGK10(2), ОGK16 together with lighting equipment were delivered.