AMIRA: new lighting complex “Peterhof”

AMIRA Group of Companies presents a new lighting complex of the Peterhof series. Thelighting pole is designed for lighting parks, squares, squares, embankments, shopping malls, boulevards, alleys, cottage settlements, etc.

The new lighting complex is made of three types:

  • made of cast iron (cast iron SCH20);
  • made of cast iron with a rolled pipe adapter;
  • on the basis of a round-conical support of the OKK series with cast-iron elements.

All elements of the lighting complex are galvanized and painted.

Height: from 4.85 meters

LED lamp power: 50 – 150W

Luminous flux: 9 090 – 21 280 lm

Color temperature: 3000 – 5000 K

Light efficiency: 121 – 143 lm/Tue

Operating temperature: -45 °C … +40 °C

It is installed on the embedded metal foundation