Updated 22 UFO LED Series

We present an updated LED lamp series 22 UFO “AMIRA” – series SSU 22LED >>

⇒ Luminous efficiency 134 lm / W

⇒ Classic design

The structure of the radiators of the sections of the lighting module is made in the form of honeycombs, which allows, with a small size and weight, to ensure effective heat dissipation. All this contributes to the reliable long-term operation of the lighting module.

CASE: made of steel and protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing (GOST 9.307-89) followed by powder enamel coating.
The honeycomb radiator is made of die-cast aluminum alloys. The honeycomb design reduces the windage of the floodlight and evens out the temperature of the device.

LENS: Borosilicate glass used lenses are resistant to chemical attack and high temperatures. High light transmission when exposed to UV rays. For certain angles of dispersion, it is possible to use silicone lenses.

⇒ Reconstruction of sodium lighting >>

The design of the luminaire allows you to conveniently replace the platform with a reflector and electronic ballasts with an LED module. Energy saving is 130 W per luminaire