The second stage of construction of the Megapolis plant of the AMIRA group of companies has been completed

Only five years ago, the grand opening of a modern plant was held, which ensures the production of the entire AMIR product line: from 3-meter quarter poles to 100-meter high mast ones. And now, a few days ago, a permit was received to commission a new workshop for painting, finishing and packing metal structures.

The need to build a new workshop is long overdue. Mastering and launching into production new types of high-mast products with a diameter of up to 2 meters and a length of up to 105 meters, Megapolis inevitably encounters tonnage products, serious dimensions and not just treatment with an anti-corrosion compound, but with the application of varnish-and-paint coatings of various colors, to give aesthetic appearance on the one hand, and fulfillment of joint venture requirements on the other.

New and vacated production areas will allow the plant to respond to modern market challenges, because the technological and production cycle includes welding of large-sized sections of structures, applying paint and varnish coatings on the molar section with maintaining a predetermined temperature, paint preparation, straightening and finalization of structures after passing through the hot-dip galvanizing cycle. In general, it allows to introduce into production the production of large-sized structures in series

Among the completed projects of the Megapolis plant of the AMIRA group of companies:

  • 100m flagpole for Finland (highest in Europe)
  • 83 and 90-meter lightning protection complexes for the plant for the production of polypropylene and ethylene in Tobolsk and 82-meter – in the Leningrad region for the Nord Stream-2 project
  • 50-meter flagpole for Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow
  • 48-meter entrance stele “Moscow”
  • 39-meter dual-use communication masts;
  • round-conical poles of city lighting, including for the project “My Street” in Moscow, Sosnovka Park in Peterburg, etc .;
  • round-conical traffic light stands with contrasting lighting for Ivanovo,
  • garden and park lighting, incl. for Festivalny Boulevard in Kazan (object for the 2018 FIFA World Cup),
  • airport lighting masts
  • and much more.