Lightning protection by AMIRA on the Volga oil trunk pipeline

The Buguruslanskoye District Oil Pipeline Administration (RNU) is a modern pipeline transport enterprise operating over 1000 km of the Volga oil trunk pipelines.

The lightning protection of the territory was entrusted to the specialists of the AMIRA Group of Companies. The perimeter is protected by 30-meter lightning protection systems with a mobile lighting crown (VGM series), as well as 32-meter free-standing lightning rods (MOGK series).

Lightning protection complexes of the VGM series are deservedly called multifunctional equipment, with the help of which a uniform distribution of light is created over a large open area, and also provides reliable protection of the area from lightning strikes.

Lightning rods are steel faceted masts, on top of which there is a mobile crown with lighting equipment and a lightning rod. A distinctive feature of the equipment is the presence of a lowering and lifting mechanism, with the help of which safe maintenance takes place from the ground using a hand-held power tool.

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