Mobile lighting unit “Tundra”


The mobile lighting unit (MLU) is intended to ensure day and night work regime in execution of mining, rescue, oil and gas, industrial, construction and repair works in the most unfavorable climatic conditions and on inaccessible territories.



            By its design MLU represents a mobile complex, consisting of a telescoping mast with the height of 10, 12 and 15 m, mounted together with the generator and windlass on the base of the cargo sled; 250 mm clearance ensures its optimum movement under the conditions of absence of roads.

            As an option and upon the customer’s wish, MLU can be equipped with removable front slides or wage wheels for movement on the rigid hitch.

            To ensure stability of the structure a tank for ballast is provided for on the frame, materials available at hand can be used as ballast: ledge rock, stone, broken stone, sand, etc. Stability of the telescopic mast is also ensured by availability of rope bracing.

            The generator housing is covered with a removable protective grid from prevention from accidental damage and prevention of anti-vandal actions.

            All MLU elements are hot galvanized and painted with wearproof ink in the color upon the customer’s wish (khaki, yellow and red, yellow and blue, etc.).

            4 high-efficiency light-emitting-diode projectors with light efficiency from 93 to 130 lm\W, mounted on the removable bracket are used as lighting equipment in MLU; in transportation the bracket with projectors is removed and fastened in the special contained on the frame of MLU. The following can be placed in this container: spare parts tools and accessories, cable adapters and required tools. In an unexpanded state MLU is covered with a protective tent.

            The unit is equipped with a lightning rod, installed on the bracket with projectors, insulated with copper conductor cable and plug-in earth lead for creation of the effective earth circuit.

            MLU can be supplied both in the mounted form and in transport packaging on the wheeled cart, convenient both for transportation, and for storage of the unit. Dimension of the packaging in the plan make 3,320mm х 900m.

            In terms of power supply MLU is equipped with cost-effective gasoline generator with capacity of 2.5 kW. At the customer’s option the unit can be equipped with a generator with a diesel engine.


Mobile lighting system "Tundra"

Mobile lighting system "Tundra"

Mobile lighting system “Tundra”