Series 09

For lighting of streets, traffic avenues, squares, park areas, yards, railway platforms and other facilities.


  • Modern design, simple in operation, convenient arrangement of fastening to the pole.  
  • Maintenance convenience;
  • Modern design;


  • Lighting fixture baseframe serves as a bearing element and is manufactured of shock-resistance reinforced fiber glass plastic;  
  • Lampshade of the lighting fixture is manufactured of light-stabilized polycarbonate.  Lampshade shape and surface finish ensures even distribution of light.  Cover is manufactured in two versions: opaque fixed made of polycarbonate (002), opaque removable made of rolled steel and covered with powder enamel (003);  
  • starting and control device is installed on the electrical installation panel made of rolled steel, panel design ensures free access to the elements.  Lighting fixture tightness is ensured by the use of organosilicone gaskets;